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How can you use dandelion syrup?


It can be used as a spread on bread or to sweeten tea, desserts or cakes. We love it, poured sparsely over vanilla ice cream.


Dandelion syrup is a natural product.


The sugar contained may crystallize during storage.

This is not a quality flaw.

To restore the original syrup consistency, all you have to do is put the glass in a water bath and the sugar will dissolve again.


As qualified herbalists, we use traditional, local wild and medicinal herbs from the meadows and forests around our Artfarm in Niklasdorf in Styria. These are collected from the wild at the right time with the greatest care and most of them are freshly processed.




The description of herbs and spices comes from ancient traditions and traditional folklore, they should be understood as supplements to conventional medicine and are not a substitute for medical opinion. Home remedies can also have side effects and are not generally suitable for everyone. Therefore speak to your doctor or pharmacist before use. Consultation with a doctor is recommended for acute complaints that last longer than a week or recur periodically


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  • Content: 180gr

    The dandelion syrup, also called dandelion honey, leans slightly in taste to the  Forest honey  and reminds a bit of caramel candy.


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